Eagle Investigates: Who is QAnon?

QAnon, the anonymous White House insider who first appeared in 2017 on a notorious hacking forum, has captivated the internet since he first posted. Yet the question remains, who is QAnon? Freedom Eagle's cyber sleuths have been hard at work investigating and analyzing QAnon's posts (known as "information drops") in an attempt to pin down who is behind the account. Our list of potential QAnon posters will shock you.

3. Mike Lindell

My Pillow CEO has been both a vocal supporter of President Trump and remained on close contact with him. Lindell may be relaying information on President Trump's command, or simply leaking intelligence from classified meetings to reassure Patriots that everything is going to work out. Our cyber sleuths also found a clue that could be a direct signal that Mike Lindell is indeed QAnon. When checking out an order on his official My Pillow website, promo code "qanon" gives shoppers a 50% discount. Mike Lindell is and always has been a high level military intelligence officer. His entire life story is a fabrication used as operational cover. It's such a bold and farcical lie that even the CIA or any of the Deep State had zero suspicions that such a person could ever be a threat.

2. Kanye West

An unlikely but powerful relationship between President Trump and music mogul Kanye West has persisted ever since their first meeting in the Oval Office. Kanye West is known for his unusual antics both online and in the real world, and it is very likely he assumed the QAnon moniker much like other rappers adapt stage names. Kanye West is a devot Christian who has been very vocal about his intimate relationship with Jesus. Kanye stands out above other Hollywood elites in this regard, as most are open scientologists and satanists. It is well documented that satanic elites such as Harvey Weinstein play a direct role in human trafficking, and it would be rational to assume that Kanye created QAnon as a way to warn people of these activities without fear of direct retribution. It is also worth noting Kanye West's wife Kim Kardashian has also met with President Trump to address issues related to prison reformation. It could be possible that QAnon is a shared account between West and Kardashian.

1. Donald Trump

QAnon has correctly predicted President Trump's moves over the course of several years, perhaps because these are checklists coming from the man himself. The president is no stranger to the internet, and it is very likely he took on the role of QAnon as a way to convey sensitive intelligence information to his most loyal supporters. With big tech banning President Trump from their social media services, perhaps he will regroup with his followers as both QAnon and himself on less mainstream websites. QAnon has said that we would never believe who he was once we learned it, and most took this to mean he was someone of high influence and visibility. If you can imagine such a possibility, then that possibility isn't so unbelievable, is it? Freedom Eagle's cyber sleuths also have reason to believe Lin Wood, Sidney Powell, and Ted Cruz could also be QAnon, but more investigations are needed. Our cyber sleuths recommend following QAnon directly on websites such as Gab. As the mainstream media continues to discredit and ban QAnon supporters, Freedom Eagle is committed to the truth that he shares with his loyal followers.

Meet The Author

Meet the Author

David Charleston is a cyber security consultant for Freedom Eagle; who first broke the story of the Hillary Clinton E-mail scandal. He has worked in journalistic press for over a decade