Pope Francis, who was arrested in the midst of the night last week on a plethora of charges including human trafficking, is in the process of being transferred into United States custody. It is expected that Pope Francis will enter a plea deal with prosecutors in order to expose the extent of these operations. The Catholic Church currently has over 65,000 priests worldwide and it is currently unknown how many played a role in the human trafficking operations. The allegations against the Pope stretch back decades, however even after the arrest the Vatican has continued to speak on the criminal behavior. The last few months have not been kind to the Roman Catholic Church. First, Pope Francis basically admitted to the Church's history of covering up pedophile priests in the United States. That admission came after it was revealed that Theodore McCarrick, the Archbishop of Washington and a former cardinal, had been accused of abusing three minors. Francis called it "strictly private." While these allegations had been known for sometime, it was not until President Trump sanctioned crackdowns on domestic human traffickig that hard evidence emerged. Fall 2020's “Operation Not Forgotten” in Georgia and similar efforts in other states not only saved countless children from the clutches of the Catholic church, but also uncovered physical evidence needed to tie the Pope and his most trusted Archbishops to the international trafficking syndicate.

"We can expect the affidavits collected during Operation Not Forgotten to be used in the upcoming trial," says Freedom Eagle consultent Doug Walker. "They have spent the last several months building a near unbeatable legal case against the Pope, I do not foresee the Vatican surviving through this." According to the leaked case documents against him, the Pope and prominent Archbishops had direct access to children as well. He allegedly pressured for mass adoption, and coerced the parents to agree through blackmail. Other churges include drug smuggling primarily out of South America, as cartels from the Pope's native country of Argentina used Catholic churches as a front for dealing and manufacturing. While the Vatican and Italian/United States prosecutors continue to surpress the Pope's arrest and trial due to fears of unrest, Freedom Eagle will continue to bring you developments as we recieve them from our insider sources.

Meet The Author

Meet the Author

David Charleston is a cyber security consultant for Freedom Eagle; who first broke the story of the Hillary Clinton E-mail scandal. He has worked in journalistic press for over a decade